DJ Ravin
Muhamadou Salieu Suso / Sutukung. Cantoma / Balafia. Eric Fernandez / Adios Andalucia. Mystic Diversions / The Love Dance. Mungal / Roshni. The Amalgamation Of Soundz / Tears For Yazd. Mari Boine / Maid Aiggot Muimma Eallin ...
You don't have to go to the Village
Kewulay Kamara and Salieu Suso, transported everyone to West Africa with the lilting echoes of fisherman, unrequited love, and longing. Passed down by generations of storytellers before them, Kewulay and Salieu wove a tale around a ... [Read More...]
Long forgotten words or ancient melodies..'
Salieu Suso is from The Gambia in western Africa and has been playing the kora, a traditional stringed instrument, since he was eight years old. he has an established reputation as a griot or djeli - poet or storyteller - and has been ... [Read More...]
V/A - The Best Of Codek (Organic Grooves, DJ Sasha) EP ...
play audio, Organic Grooves Sutukung. feat: Muhamadou Salieu Suso. play audio, Organic Grooves Accidental Tonalities. play audio, DJ Sasha Crnobrnja Let's Make A Cap. play audio, Bingo Palace Whistle Me Higher ...
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